About the Book

When 13-year-old Zuri begins cutting herself, psychologist Ana is called in to help. Is the troubled girl trying to relieve the tension of being black in a predominantly white private school? How healthy is Zuri’s relationship with Helen, the white single mom who adopted her? And what happened to Zuri’s biological mother?

Reckless, alcoholic Ana must piece together the puzzles of both Helen and her daughter – while battling an old trauma of her own.

In Susan Newham-Blake’s moving novel, two women, equally damaged by the past and its secrets, discover that healing sometimes lies in unexpected places.


  • TITLE: As if Born to You
  • AUTHOR: Susan Newham-Blake
  • ISBN / EAN: 978-1-4859-0314-7
  • PAGES: 178 pages
  • PUBLISHED DATE: July 2019
  • PUBLISHER: Penguin Books South Africa

French rights have been sold to Éditions Marabout by Susan’s literary agent Pontas:

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