The Book – Making Finn

Book Jacket for Making FinnSusan’s childhood dream of becoming a mother has not diminished with the revelation, alarming both to herself and her bewildered family, that she does, in fact, ‘bat for the other team’. Having made peace with her identity and having finally found a beloved partner, she is now faced with a daunting problem: with no penis around, how the hell do you make babies?

Time is of the essence: at 34 years old, Susan cannot afford to waste another moment. And so begins an unconventional journey to parenthood with some agonising decisions along the way. Should she accept help from a close and willing friend or go the anonymous sperm donor route? What are the legal and psychological implications of her options? How will her child be affected?

Told with humour and honesty, Making Finn is a warm, witty and moving first-person account of two women’s quest to create a family.


  • TITLE: Making Finn
  • AUTHOR: Susan Newham-Blake
  • ISBN / EAN: 9780143530633
  • PAGES: 184 pages
  • ILLUSTRATIONS: 4 page full colour picture section
  • FORMAT: Trade Paperback
  • SIZE: 215mm x 150mm
  • PUBLISHED DATE: February 2013
  • PUBLISHER: Penguin Books South Africa


  • TITLE: Making Finn
  • AUTHOR: Susan Newham-Blake
  • e.BOOK ISBN / EAN: 9780143529897
  • PUBLISHED DATE: February 2013
  • PUBLISHER: Penguin Books South Africa


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    4 thoughts on “The Book – Making Finn

    1. Hi Susan.
      Your book is great!!! I finished it in a day.
      We are in the research phase hoping to go for insemination in May. I picked up so many tips from reading your book.
      Thanks so much for writing the book and showing me that our desire for a family of our own is not that far fetched and definately not impossible to achieve.

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