About As if Born to You

This novel is more real than that. It depicts life as it is: an ongoing path that we continue to forge. It is this truth that makes this book stay with you for weeks, if not months afterwards. **** Jessica Levitt The Sunday Times

Book of great complexity, utterly readable with electric ending. Beautifully written, this book moved me more than any other has for a long time. **** Jennifer Crocker The Cape Times

I loved the writing style and the story is paced perfectly whilst unraveling all the details. **** Sthembile Mthethwa

This was a well written, well paced book. I loved the author’s writing style, as well as the character development. I’m rating this book a solid 4.5 stars out of 5. The only reason I’m docking 0.5 stars, is I wanted more at the end. I wanted the book to continue for another 100 pages! **** Simone Cameron. Read full review:

This was the first novel that I have read by a local author… and I can say with confidence that it competes at an international level. There are layers to this book that slowly unravel as the story progresses. Rating 8.5. Nadia Gabriel. Full review:

Reviews for Making Finn

John Maytham, 567 CapeTalk: ‘ … page 2, page 3, looked up an hour and a half later and I hadn’t done any preparation for the show … immediately got onto the email to Susan and invited her in for an interview …’.  To listen to a podcast of this interview click HERE.

Kate Wilson, Editor of Women’s Health: ‘Everyone considering parenthood should read this brave, heartfelt account of coming to terms with one’s own identity while considering the next generation’s right to do the same. If only all parents approached the responsibility with as much gravitas.’

Making Mountains out of Molehills: Reading this book made me truly appreciate how easy it has been for me to become a parent… For the full review:

The Blessed Barrenness: ‘Wanting a child, like being gay, doesn’t feel like a choice but a condition.’ Making Finn resonated with me. I understood the sentiment, it rang true for me too, Susan’s truth and my truth about motherhood are intrinsically the same. Read review:

Rattle and Mum review: I felt a lot of the highs, lows and disappointments as I read… Read review:

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